Humans are responsible for all the kinds of climate changes that are occurring these days. We are at the point from where within next hundred years, more than half of the rain forests on planet will vanish, pollution will be doubled and the humans will have to fight for clean air and water for their survival. Hence, it is our responsibility today to bring back the earth to its natural position for healthier living to all the creatures living on the earth.

Research suggests that the upcoming wars would be for clean water, as most of the icebergs, glaciers are melting due to global warming. Chennai, a southern Indian state, and is already running out of its most of the groundwater. Hence, without proper water management, it will be very hard to sustain in the country.

Here’s how Automatic Meter Reading and IOT can make a difference for a better water management system:

  1. Automated meter reading system can help in maintaining the utility’s business revenue assortment. Traditionally, meter reading has been labor intensive and afterward, an upscale method. Many significant advancements are tried to alter the meter reading method.
  2. Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is a technology which helps to gather information and record the  consumption, diagnostic, and standing knowledge from energy metering devices and then transfer that info to central information for asking, troubleshooting, and analyzing. AMR could be an exemplar of recent technology development and palmy implementation within the water trade.
  3. Automatic Meter Reading uses knowledge sensing for flow metering and transmits through a network system, hand-held device, or drive-by knowledge assortment. Most importantly, Automatic Meter Reading eliminates field operators who manually browse.
  4. Alternative advantages embrace up accuracy and standardizing meter inventory. Up accuracy of meter reading provides associate insight of potential water leaks and allows to work out water distribution pipelines that require to get replaced.

How Iot is put to usage:

  1. Customer’s water usage knowledge is collected from the big selection of sensors put in on aspects, sprinklers, sinks, shower and bathtub, washer, and dishwasher. Customers might utilize existing Wi-Fi network within the house and Smartphone applications that show all knowledge received from Internet of Things.
  2. Sensors put in in installation network give to pressure and flow knowledge together with GIS and inventory knowledge. Seamless integration of 2 different knowledge sets can indicate discrepancies between usage and provide.

Big data gives many benefits:

  1. locating leaks known from knowledge discrepancy;
  2. Optimizing water production and distribution through installation system;
  3. Developing of water consumption optimization rule.

Automatic Meter Reading System accurately measure the energy consumption in agricultural lands, apartments, residential buildings and commercial buildings. In most cases the consumption is measured in order to allocate energy costs among the residents or users in a fair way. This means the energy consumption registered by every meter will periodically also need to be read out. Traditionally a person would come by and required access to every meter to list the consumption since the previous read out.


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